8 simple steps to DOMINATE your MARKETING and drive business growth!

Your business is up and running. You invested in a beautiful logo and website design. And you are posting regularily on your social media accounts.  

But where are all the customers? Why can’t they find you? What else can you do? What marketing is going to work for you?

Well the good news is I can help! I’ve helped 100s of clients overcome these marketing challenges, and now I can help you too. 

With my affordable 8-week online marketing course, you’ll feel like you have your own marketing coach available 24/7. And the course will teach you everything you need to know about marketing a small business effectively.  

It’s designed to make your marketing easier, more cost effective and fun! By doing this course you will:  

  • Learn how to market your business effectively. 
  • Build a marketing strategy and plan for your small business to grow your buiness.
  • Know which marketing channels are the right ones for you, to attract the right kind of customers. 
  • Understand your ideal customers and where they hang out.  
  • Attract a continuous flow of your ideal customers each and every month. 
  • Build a strong brand and memorable brand that stands out amongst the clutter online. 
  • Increase your business revenue. 
  • And finally get really clear on the products/services you offer and your pricing because we start the course by setting goals for your business, sales marketing. 

So if you like the sound of that, check out the marketing lesson details below, for a sneak peak at what you’ll learn, keep scrolling down this page to view the 8 lessons outline...

Here's what you will receive on the 8-week course...

  • You will have a full workbook that your can complete, with your homework after each video lesson. 
  • 8 video lessons will be emailed to you, 1 per week, for 8 weeks (keep scrolling on down to find out the topics I will teach you).
  • You can learn at your own pace, and at a time that suits your schedule, as you have lifetime access to the video lessons. So you can finish the course earlier or later than the 8 weeks it's entirely up to you. 
  • You will have access to me, via our private Facebook support group for questions.  

The 8 topics I have chosen are the areas of marketing that I have used to grow my own boutique digital marketing agency, marketing consultancy and marketing coaching business, to be a 6-figure global business. And I consistently do 5 figure revenue months in my business.

And now I want to share this knowledge with you, so that you can do the same.....

All past and present Marketing School students, will also have the option attend our Marketing + Mimosas events in Perth. 

In these events, you will get to meet the other Marketing School students, other small business owers, and get to ask me your marketing questions face to face. All while sipping on a lovely Mimosa or two and eating a delicious breakfast!

These event will take place once a quarter, and event details are in the private facebook group.  


Marketing & Mimosas by Vivacity Marketing

Meet your Marketing Coach - Vanessa Geraghty McGann

So I am Vanessa, Marketing Strategist, Marketing Consultant, and Marketing Coach. I will be taking you through the 8 weeks of marketing lessons on this course. 

I have worked in marketing for nearly 19 years now. I've worked for giant global brands such as: 

- Coca-Cola

- Nestle

- Cadbury

- BP 

- GE Finance (now Latitude Finance)

And I've worked for Australian brands Mortgage Choice, The Western Force Rugby Team and The Australian Institute of Fitness. 

I'm a judge on the Inside Small Business, Top 50 Small Business Leaders Australia Award. And I'm a proud Ambassador for Opportunity International Australia. 

Through my boutique marketing agency and coaching business I have worked with 100+ small business owners across a huge range of industries over the past two years. 

And I have doubled my business revenue year on year so far. Would you like to learn how to the same? 


Here's what some of the Marketing School Students are saying.... 

Here's what you'll learn in Marketing School....


How to build a robust marketing strategy and plan for your small business. 

A marketing strategy lays the foundations for success in your business. It helps you to research and understand your ideal client. And then build a set of tactics around your marketing strategy to convert potential clients into clients.  


Website content, structure and SEO.  

In this lesson, I start off doing a website audit, to ensure you have the best user experience with your website content and how you have structured it. Then I move into Search Engine Optimisation, and how to rank better on Google. You have 10 seconds to capture the attention of a new website visitor, they will decide if they will stay on your website or go! Let's get them to stay! 


How to use Google Ads and Facebook Ads to grow your business.  

Paid Ads are a great way to attract a continous flow of new customers to your business. In this lesson you will learn how to build a successful Google campaign and a Facebook campaign. And to build our audiences. We have fabulous guest presenter Ash Matkovic from Fusion Co as a guest presente doing the Facebook Ads lessons! 


How to use email marketing in your business to nurture a lead to being a customer.  

Email Marketing is very powerful way to nurture your leads through their buying journey. In this lesson you will learn how to build an email automation and landing page in MailChimp. And I share an example 5 email sequence with you too. 


How to utilise Social Media Marketing in your business to engage your audience and build trust.  

Social Media Marketing is a waste of time if you are not posting content that's engaging, relevant and adds value to your audience. In this lesson we will look at content ideas and content formats for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. 


How to plan and approach Content Marketing. 

Content is the voice of your marketing strategy, and it creates touch points to guide your potential clients through their buying journey, and ultimately lead them to you. In this lesson I will show you how to plan and approach your content marketing, to attract more customers your business. 



Blogging, Pillar Pages & Cluster Topics. 

In order to rank on Google, it's important that you are producing quality unique content, with a unique point of view. And if you then organise your content into a pillar page with linking cluster topics, this helps Google rank your content more accurately, and helps to rank for your core topic you want to be known for.


How to get started with Video Marketing in your small business.

Video marketing is a really important part of your content marketing strategy and it can't be ignored. In this final lesson I show you how to get started with shooting and editing videos for your business, to share on social media. Videos are such a powerful tool to get your audience to know, like an trust you.  

Here's what some of our Marketing School students have to say.....

Are you ready take control of your marketing and attract new customers?

Don’t waste another minute on marketing strategies and tactics that aren’t working for you. If you keep on doing that you are currently doing do you think you will get better or different results? Get on board and let me show you the way and I promise to make it FUN!!!! 

Access my marketing lessons today, and for a limited time get ALL 8 LESSONS for just $499! That's a saving of $200 off the normal price of $699! 


I can't wait go on this marketing journey with you over the next eight weeks!

I will see you in Marketing School!

Vanessa xo